Authenticated API Documentation for Developers using ReferralAPI

In order to call authenticate routes, you will first need to authenticate and obtain an api-key.

Making Calls to the API

Developers can generate and use API keys to access authenticated routes in this API by including the API Key in the request header as follows:

Request Using API Key

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'api-key: 1968aa57ccd72d208dbac95d6679e6389ecfd60e59f31163506474a9c766fb6d'

Steps to Generate an API Key

  1. Navigate to "Developers" on the left side of your dashboard, select API Tab if not selected already. API Key Section in Dashboard
  2. Click on the "Create API Key", which will then prompt you to provide a desirable name to your key. API Key Name Modal
  3. Click on the "Create API Key" button to finally generate an API Key. The generated API key will now be available in the table records. API keys do not expire and must be manually deleted to be revoked. API Key Record