ReferralAPI Documentation

This is the official documentation for ReferralAPI, your go-to software for creating customizable referral programs. This documentation comprises two essential sections: the utilization of the ReferralAPI API and the Feature Guide, which encompasses special functionalities that you can enable for your referral program. We update and add features on a monthly basis.

What is a Referral Program?

Think of a referral program as a cool way for businesses to turn their customers into mini-salespeople, but in a fun and rewarding way.

So here's how it rolls: You're a business and you want more folks to know about what you're selling. You set up a program where your current happy customers get a special link or code. They share this link with their friends, family, or anyone who might like what you offer. It's like your customers saying, "Check this out, it's awesome," but they get a little thank you gift for doing so.

Now, when someone new signs up or buys something using that special link or code, the original sharer gets rewarded. This is where platforms like ReferralAPI (but also platforms like ReferralCandy, ReferralRock, etc.) come into play. They keep track of all this sharing and signing up. Let's break it down:

  1. Setup and Customization: You use these platforms to tailor your referral program. Decide what rewards to give, create those unique referral links, and design the whole process.
  2. Sharing and Promotion: Your customers get easy ways to share their links, maybe through social media, email, etc. They spread the word, and their friends get curious.
  3. Tracking and Management: Every time a new customer comes aboard through a referral, the platform logs it. You can see who's sharing the most, who's bringing in new customers, and how well the program's doing.
  4. Rewards and Incentives: This is the cherry on top. The people who share their links get perks like discounts, cash, or other goodies. This part is automated, so everyone gets their rewards without any hassle. In essence, it's a win-win. Your customers enjoy being part of your brand's growth, getting rewards along the way, and you get to expand your customer base with a personal touch that traditional ads just can't match.

All of the above tasks can be done through the ReferralAPI dashboard, from creating custom links to tracking and analytics that help you effectively rewards your biggest fans.

Beyond servicing the process, we also take developer experience seriously and have written this guide to ensure that you can add referral tracking natively as part of your product, instead of relying on our user interfaces.

Getting started

To get started, sign up for an account at ReferralAPI. After this, we recommend:

  1. Creating a campaign
  2. Installing the tracking script on your website
  3. Generating your first referral link and testing the script
  4. Exploring the analytics dashboard
  5. Optionally, understanding the actions parameter and how to track your end-to-end referral funnel.


Integrating with our API lets you fully control the creation and design on your referral program. Get started here.

Comments and Questions

For more questions or help, please feel free to write to us via the chat bubble here or on our website. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Getting Started

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